Our namesake collection engagement rings showcases rare one-of-a-kind antique diamonds so you can be sure your ring will be unique. Let Erstwhile bring a touch of vintage magic to your proposal - all rings are ready to ship.

What is a vintage inspired engagement ring?

Vintage inspired engagement rings are a popular choice because they pay homage to the unique style of antique jewelry while being modern and new. Ideal for someone who wants a timeless look while not wanting an "old" ring. Jewelry is a very personal item and many people feel superstitious about wearing second hand jewelry. Antique jewelry can also be more delicate to wear daily so going modern with an antique feel can be the perfect choice.

Our namesake collection of engagement rings pays homage to the vintage engagement rings in our archive. Some pieces only take vintage design details while others are perfect replicas of the original. Find recreations of your favorite vintage engagement rings from right here!